Online Typing Jobs

What is Online Typing Job?

In Online Typing Jobs, You should have a proper internet connection, a laptop / computer. we will provide you with the link to the employers website with username and password. No need to download any project on your own computer. You must be connected to internet during the typing jobs. You will login to your employers website and type the provided data into the the forms. The data will be provided in a Word or PDF format.

What is the Nature of Job ?

Our reputed Clients/Partners companies require a good number of data to be fed into their online database from a WORD or PDF file. So they require online typing job workers. Here is where we server as a bridge between the employer and youself. We have a large business clients criteria that consists of many online established companies in various sectors like matrimonial, real estate, matrimonial, stock market, market research, News portals and TV channels. We take the work on the competitive rates and offer it to the suitable person from our database. You will then complete our contract in the fixed time period.

We donot collect any money from you for this, But we expect you to provide good quality work with higher end accuracy.

Eligibility for the work

Very Good Typing Speed, Good knowledge in MS Office, Good Knowledge in Internet Browsing. Minimum typing speed to to be 30-50 words per minute.

How to I register ?

We donot collect any payment during registration and after registration, it is absolutely Free. No hidden charges applied.

How will I receive Payments ?

Once the job is completed, accuracy check will be carried out. After that process you will be paid directly by our Employer Companies. You will receive your earning directly to your banking account or Cheque based on the company policy. Payments will be made on 15th of every month.Apply for the job ?