Medical Transcription Jobs

What is a Medical Transcription Job ?

Doctors used to record their reports as audio files. Medical transcriptionists, sometimes referred to as healthcare documentation specialist, listen to voice audio recordings that healthcare workers make and convert them into written reports/documents.

Nature of Work

You does not require any specialized skills but it only demands skills like. They would require basic skills such as

Good Computer skills

Medical transcriptionists must have computer knowledge and they also should know how to operate electronic health records system.

Good Writing Skills

You should have a sound understanding of the English language and grammar.

Good Excellent Listener

You should possess excellent listening skills, should be able to understand different accents and intended meaning of the medical report.

Good Time management skills

Medical Transcriptionist should be good in working under short deadlines and also should possess high level of concentration during the period of work.

Expected per monthly earnings:

Depending on their skills and performance, Content Writers are paid good money. IF you find a right job then a minimum of $300 – $450 can be earned from these type of jobs by working part time from home.

Eligibility for the work :

You should possess sound linguistic and grammatical knowledge in English. The language used should be straight forward.

How will I receive Payments ?

Once the job is completed, accuracy check will be carried out. After that process you will be paid directly by our Employer Companies. You will receive your earning directly to your banking account or Cheque based on the company policy. Payments will be made on 15th of every month.Apply for the job ?